Living till 1,000 will soon be a reality

London: It’s a milestone that any human being hardly expects to reach. But the first person that will live to see their 150th birthday has already been born, according to a British scientist.

Even more incredibly, Aubrey De Grey believes that the first person to live for 1,000 years will be born in the next two decades.

The biomedical gerontologist and chief scientist of a foundation dedicated to longevity research has claimed that within his own lifetime doctors will have all the tools they need to ‘cure’ ageing.

This will be done, he believes, by banishing all diseases and extending life indefinitely.

“I````d say we have a 50/50 chance of bringing ageing under what I````d call a decisive level of medical control within the next 25 years or so,” the Daily Mail quoted Dr De Grey as saying.

“And what I mean by decisive is the same sort of medical control that we have over most infectious diseases today,” added Dr De Grey.

Exactly how far and how fast life expectancy will increase in the future is a subject of some debate, but the trend is clear.

An average of three months is being added to life expectancy every year at the moment and experts estimate that there could be a million centenarians across the world by 2030.


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