Low vitamin D levels spell depression

Washington: Low levels of vitamin D, linked earlier with cardio diseases and neurological conditions, are also tied with the blues.

This new study helps clarify a debate that erupted after smaller studies produced conflicting results about the relationship between vitamin D and depression.

"Our findings suggest that screening for vitamin D levels in depressed patients - and perhaps screening for depression in people with low vitamin D levels - might be useful," said E. Sherwood Brown, professor of psychiatry at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre and study author.

"But we don`t have enough information yet to recommend going out and taking supplements," said Brown, who co-authored the study with The Cooper Institute, Dallas.

Researchers examined the results of almost 12,600 participants from late 2006 to late 2010, the journal Mayo Clinic Proceeding reports.

Brown and colleagues found that higher vitamin D levels were tied with a significantly decreased risk of current depression, particularly among people with a prior history of depression, according to a Texas statement.

Low vitamin D levels were tied with depressive symptoms, particularly those with a history of depression, so primary care patients with a history of depression may be an important target for assessing vitamin D levels.


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