Low water intake causes urinary tract infections

New Delhi: Low water intake leads to urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women, doctors said Thursday.

"About 25-30 percent of our UTI patients are women who drink less water. Inadequate amount of water and salt increase the risk of this disease," said Sunil Prakash, head of nephrology at Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon.

"The infection is also found in women who are careless about personal hygiene," Prakash said, adding that the disease was most common in sexually active women.

Extra weight and diabetes add to the chances of UTIs in women.

"Diabetes, a lifestyle related disorder, often leads to weight-related problems in women. This is another major cause of UTIs," said Prakash.

The infection often leads to kidney stone formation in women. "Consult the doctor if you have pain in the lower abdomen, increased frequency of urination and a burning sensation while passing urine," said Prakash.