LSD may actually be beneficial for your health

London: A team of Norwegian researchers have claimed that LSD may actually be good for you.

Researchers Pal-Orjan Johansen and Teri Krebs from Norway`s University of Science and Technology in Trondheim examined drug-use surveys that were carried out between 2001 and 2004 on over 130,000 US citizens.

The findings seemingly overturns the long-held opinion in parts of the medical establishment that LSD and other `mind-enhancing` drugs result in debilitating flashbacks, uncontrollable paranoia attacks and a desire to leap off buildings, the Independent reported.

Johansen and Krebs wrote that they found no significant link between lifetime use of any psychedelics or use of LSD to increased rate of mental health problems.

They said that rather psychedelic use was associated with a lower rate of mental health problems.

The scientists claimed that the notion that LSD and other psychedelic substances harmed mental health came from a small number of case reports on patients, already suffering from some form of mental illness.

The study has been published in the science journal PLOS One.