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Health News

Over 90% of world breathing bad air: WHO

The problem is most acute in cities, but air in rural areas is worse than many think, WHO experts said.

With regular physical activities say bye to bacterial infections!

The risk of viral infections is known to be affected by physical activity, but little information was available regarding the more serious infections caused by bacteria.

Heavy drinking may impair cognitive function in elderly

A new study at Brown University in the US sought to elucidate the relations among age, heavy drinking, and neurocognitive function.

Why Karan Johar's confession is inspiring – Five lesser known facts about depression!

Last year, in 2015, one of Bollywood's reigning actresses Deepika Padukone inspired the world after she admitted to have battled with depression.

Combo therapy against ovarian, breast cancer can overcome drug resistance

The insight into molecular mechanisms of how the drug combination works to selectively hunt down cancer cells with minimum effect on healthy cells is "highly relevant" for ongoing clinical trials, the researchers say.

Five ways to reduce your risk of heart disease!

Heart disease, coronary heart disease or CHD, has now become the leading cause of mortality in India. Heat disease is a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels.

All in one: Make tea tree oil your best friend to cure skin and hair problems!

There is an amazing plant that can alleviate all your skin issues, along with things like insect bites and hair problems.

Four extremely weird diet tricks to help you lose weight!

Every single person on this planet is different from one another, therefore, it is evident that every body type differs as well.

Five ayurvedic superfruits you must try this fall!

We all know that ayurvedic or ancient healing fruits posses immune-boosting properties.

Alarming! Modern day living contributes to hearing loss, warn doctors

Following the modern day lifestyle can contribute to hearing loss at an early stage, doctors have warned.

HC seeks govt's reply to US couple's plea to take back embryos

An embryo is an unborn offspring in the process of development.

Trying to conceive? Watch out for these signs of infertility!

Here are some things that can make you infertile or affect your chances of having a healthy baby.

Bihar youth loses sensation in hand post surgery, alleges medical negligence

A Bihar youth's dreams of joining the Indian Army lay shattered after he lost sensation in his left hand owing to "medical negligence" following a surgery performed by a city doctor, his family claimed on Saturday.

14th Zika virus infection in South Korea

South Korea has confirmed another case of the Zika virus infection, raising the number of people infected with the virus here to 14, health authorities said Saturday.

Five ways to lead a healthy life!

Leading a healthy lifestyle and staying fit both plays an important role in our lives.

Know these amazing health benefits of zucchini!

Zucchini is a nutritious fruit but it is treated as a vegetable as it can be consumed in both cooked and raw form. 

Fish oil helps to boost brain functioning, improves mood

A new study finds that fish oil helps to boosts brain functions and also improves mood as it contains Omega-3 fatty acids.

Marital break-up may lead to eczema, muscle pain

Marital break-up and divorce can cause physical ailments -- including eczema and muscle pain -- apart from emotional problems, suggests a new study.

Alcohol addiction may change neurocognitive skills in oldies

The negative consequences of heavy alcohol consumption on neurocognitive function gets worse with advanced age, the study said.

Genetic tool created to identify risk of heart disease

To identify individuals at risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) much earlier and improve its prevention, a new genetic risk tool has been developed by an Indian-origin researcher.

High vitamin B level in mother's may reduce eczema risk in infants

A new study conducted by researchers has found that babies whose mothers possess a higher level of particular type of vitamin B during pregnancy may be at a lesser risk of developing eczema, which involves inflammation of the skin.

Protein in mosquito saliva can hinder spread of dengue virus

Antibodies against the saliva protein ‘D7’, which are present in humans when exposed to mosquito bites, might facilitate virus transmission and enhance disease severity.

7 most common reasons why your hair is falling out!

Intense physical stress such as childbirth, surgery, etc, can result in hair loss for several months after delivery. 

Researchers find answer to hair loss in existing drug

In a ray of hope for people with alopecia areata -- an autoimmune disease that causes patchy, and sometimes total hair loss - researchers have found promise in a drug which is already approved for treating certain bone marrow disorders.

C-section may increase risk of blood clot in vein, claims study

Women are four times more likely to suffer from blood clots in veins after a cesarean-section delivery compared to a vaginal birth, according to a new study.

Artificial sweetener not linked to cancer: Study

Low- and no-calorie ingredients are logical choices for those wishing to manage their weight. However, some people have concerns that sucralose may be linked to cancer.

Overcome Psoriasis with these natural ingredients!

Red, scaly skin and severe itching are some of its common symptoms. 

Eye health: 8 ways to improve your vision naturally!

. There are many things you can do to keep your eyes healthy and enjoy good eyesight.

India ranks 143 among 188 countries on health index; Iceland tops list

Despite rapid economic growth, India was ranked 143rd, below Comoros and Ghana," the first annual assessment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) health performance published in the Lancet and launched at a special event at the UN General Assembly in New York said.