Make this a “happy” new year; avoid hangovers!

All you have to do is follow these tips to avoid a hangover this new year's eve

Zee Media Bureau/Udita Madan

New Delhi: Christmas has passed but a vast majority of people are still hungover on the spirit of holidays. Speaking of hungover, the year is nearing its end and the first thing that comes to mind after Christmas is New Year parties.

Yes. Bidding the ongoing year goodbye and celebrating the onset of the new year gives way to just one thought and that is partying till the wee hours of the morning. And partying means binging, eating, letting your hair down, making merry and most importantly, drinking. After all, no party is incomplete without it and new year celebrations demand it!

But, the only hindrance is going to work the next day. No one exactly looks up to people coming in to work with a major hangover and you don't want to miss out on the drinks on new year's either. And what if you do drink to your heart's content and are suddenly intimated about an impromptu meeting that you just can't get out of?

What do you do in such a situation? Avoid stepping up to the bar (with a heavy heart, of course) or drink anyway (we'll tackle the problem tomorrow!)?

What if we tell you that there's a way out? That you can drink as much as you want without welcoming a hangover? All you have to do is follow these tips!

Tried and tested, these five tips are sure to get you out of the “hungover” situation, especially if you have to go in to work the next day or attend an important meeting. Read on!

1. Go the water way:

Yes. Drink, but pure water. Gulp two to three glasses of warm water right before you leave for the party. Dehydration is something that should be prevented when and if you plan to have drinks the entire night. This can prevent hangovers or at least reduce the effect. You should also keep drinking water between your alcohol intake.

2. Keep it light:

Not the drinking, but the kind of drinks you consume. Whiskey, brandy, vodka, tequila, etc., are hard and heavy drinks, which are an ensured invitation to hangovers. Drinks like beer and wine are lighter and produce less or no effect, depending upon your capacity.

3. Keep the bottoms 'down':

Many people love being adventurous and gulp their drinks down as a way of a friendly competition between friends. Bad idea! Keep it slow so that your body gets the time it requires to absorb the drink.

4. Eat and drink:

That's the basic rule. Never go empty stomach while you're drinking. Eating while drinking prevents you from getting drunk and thus, helps you avoid a headache the next morning.

5. Limit your cocktail intake:

There are two sub-rules to this rule. The first one is, don't mix two alcoholic drinks. You can mix your drinks with juice or soda but avoid drinking three glasses of rum and then washing it up by a glass or two of wine. This will just add to your hangover woes. Secondly, if you think that “too much of cocktails” is a myth, you couldn't be more wrong! Avoid cocktails that contain a mixture of alcohols, like LIT (Long Island Ice Tea) which contains five different types of alcohol and is super potent. Instead, opt for drinks like Bloody Mary, Pina Colada or Martinis which contain only one type of alcohol with fruit juices.

Have a happy new year!   

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