Man`s condition keeps him 6 mnths asleep, 6 mnths awake

Updated: Aug 07, 2010, 00:00 AM IST

London: A Chinese man has puzzled doctors with an incredible condition that sees him sleep for six months of the year and stay awake for the rest of it.

Li Zhiming``s family has to look after the 74-year-old throughout the entire time he``s asleep.

They said that they have to make him sit and feed him warm soup.

They also have to make him wear a NAPPY because he doesn``t even wake up to go to the bathroom.

"When he is sleeping it is like he is in a coma," the Sun quoted Fu Yip, his daughter-in-law, as saying.

"We can``t rouse him at all - if we put spoonfuls of soup in his mouth he swallows automatically but otherwise there``s no response.

"Then when he wakes up he doesn``t sleep for six months - wandering around the streets at night to amuse himself or watching television," she added.