Medical marvels of 2015

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Check out some of the medical marvels which left the doctors and medical community in shock and disbelief this year!

A mystery disease with no cure

It is unbelievable that 12-year-old Katelyn Thornley sneezes up to 12,000 times a day (20 times per minute). She is constantly in pain and weak, and can barely eat. The only relief the seventh grade student, gets is when she falls asleep at the end of each tiring day.

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Miracle baby born with half his skull missing celebrates first birthday

The 'miracle' baby baby Jaxon Emmett Buell has defied all odds after he was born with a rare birth defect (Microhydranencephalu). With most of his brain and skull missing, his doctors had predicted that he'd have just days to live. But a year later, his parents say he is still thriving!

The mysterious village where girls turn into boys!

Apparently, because of a rare genetic disorder, children who live in a village in the southwestern Dominican Republic are born female and become male at puberty i.e these boys grow a penis only when they hit puberty.

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No bond like a mother-child!

Yet again it is proved that no bond is as real and pure as a mother-child bond! Last September, the then 23-year-old Shelly had to undergo an emergency Caesarian section at the Carolinas Health Care System North East in North Carolina. After a while, Rylan Cawley, Shelly's first baby girl, Rylan was born. Unfortunately, Shelly's life was put in danger when a blood clot broke during her operation and rendered her comatose for several hours.

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Six-day-old baby's life saved with heart transplant at a US hospital

In a medical marvel, the life of a six-day old premature baby born with a heart defect was saved when doctors transplanted a heart in a ten hours surgery. Born to Caylyn Otto and her husband Christopher Crawford, the baby has been nicknamed Oliver Hope.

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