Mother wakes up from coma after hearing newborn’s cry!

In what can be called as a miracle, a mother woke up from a coma when she heard her baby cry.

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North Carolina: Yet again it is proved that no bond is as real and pure as a mother-child bond! In what can be called as a miracle, a mother woke up from a coma when she heard her baby cry.

Last September, the then 23-year-old Shelly had to undergo an emergency Caesarian section at the Carolinas Health Care System North East in North Carolina. After a while, Rylan Cawley, Shelly's first baby girl was born. Unfortunately, Shelly's life was put in danger when a blood clot broke during her operation and rendered her comatose for several hours.

After she was in coma for almost a week, the doctors were afraid that they will lose her but staff nurse Ashley Manus had an idea that just might save the mother's life.

“We’re a big proponent of skin-to-skin [contact]. We believe it has great benefits for the mom and the baby, and we just thought it can’t hurt, might as well give it a try,” nurse Ashley Manus told People. “I was hoping somewhere deep down Shelly was still there and could feel her baby, hear her baby, and her mother’s instincts would come out and she would realize, ‘This is where I need to be.’”

Nothing happened at first. Baby Rylan was so peaceful lying on her mother's chest that she fell asleep. Manus and the ICU nurse remained hopeful that when Shelly hears her baby cry, she would be jolted out of her coma. Running out of options, the nurses gently pinched and tickled Baby Rylan until she let out a loud cry 10 minutes later. The nurses saw a spike on Shelly's vitals and they knew that her life was saved.

Both mother and daughter went home eventually with no complications from the near-death experience.

Last week, the Cawley family celebrated Rylan’s first birthday, and Shelly posted a “then and now” photo to Facebook, celebrating how far she and her daughter have come.  

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