New ankle replacement surgery to be less invasive

New Delhi: Now ankle replacement surgery will be less invasive with a hospital here introducing a new technique which doctors claim is a first-of-its kind in India.

Doctors at the Max Healthcare today conducted the ankle replacement surgery on a 28-year-old doctor using `Star Implants` for the first time which was accomplished in half the time period that is needed while conducting the same surgery in the conventional way.

"Star Implants preserves bone of tibia and talus. As no bone cement is used, the advantage of this technique is that the patient if he wants to get the implant removed can get it done easily. The technique also allows quicker treatment as it cuts the time of surgery by 50 per cent," said Dr S K S Marya, Chairman of orthopaedics department, Max Healthcare.

A Baroda-based doctor, who had met with an accident and damaged his tibia (bone), was the first person to be operated in this new technique, Dr Marya said.

"It is a significant improvement than the earlier method that required resection of large portions of bone and sacrifice of soft tissue," he said.

"The patient will be out of bed in a matter of two days.

And in a span of six to twelve he will have optimal function," Dr Selene G Parekh, who was part of the team that conducted the surgery, said.

"Star Implants is being used by ankle and foot surgeons all across USA and Europe. People who want a functional and not a stiff ankle post-trauma can go for this," Dr Marya said.