New laser therapy corrects long-sightedness within just 5 minutes!

London: Thanks to a pioneering technique, millions have people will soon be able to ditch their spectacles.

The new treatment — corneal inlay — that takes only five minutes, involves laser therapy to implant a pinhead-sized lens into the eye, reports the Daily Mail.

It works like a mini contact lens, but only corrects the vision at that precise spot; the surrounding area of the natural lens maintains the distance vision. In effect, the procedure creates bifocal vision in one eye.

A few antibiotic drops are applied to avoid infection, and the cut in the cornea heals in a few hours.

After the tests, patients are given a contact lens to wear for 48 hours to correct the longsightedness in the weak eye. This mimics the effect the treatment would have to help the patient decide whether it’s an improvement.


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