New painkiller pill set to kill people as soon as it hits shelves!

ANI| Updated: Mar 01, 2014, 17:58 PM IST
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Washington: A new FDA-approved painkiller isn't set to hit pharmacy shelves until next month, but critics are already warning that popping just two pills could be lethal.

Zohydro, which the FDA gave the green light in October against the advice of its advisory panel, will serve as a powerful pain pill for those who can't get relief from what's already out there.

It contains the same basic ingredient ( hydrocodone) as Vicodin, but it has 5 to 10 times the power, Forbes noted, and without the added acetaminophen.

As an expert on the advisory board who voted "no" told NBC News, that acetaminophen deters savvy addicts from loading up on Vicodin for fear of liver damage.

Like OxyContin, Zohydro is a "pure narcotic"; but unlike OxyContin , the Zohydro set to be released isn't tamper resistant, and can easily be crushed, then snorted or injected.