New probe will allow early cancer detection in seconds

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London: Scientists have revealed that they are developing a revolutionary new laser device that would allow on-the-spot diagnosis of cancer in just seconds.

According to the researchers from Birmingham City University and the University of Central Lancashire, the probe will detect cancers early and distinguish between different forms of the disease, the Daily Express reported.

Ryan Stables said that this could change the way we approach cancer - diagnosis so it is faster, potentially saving thousands of lives and this method of identifying cancerous cells is similar to that of using a metal detector.

Stables added that the probe allows you to recognise the characteristics of cancer in real-time, which they hope could have life-changing implications.

The non-invasive system, which is still in its early stages of development, detects malignant cells by the way in which laser light disperses from them and the researchers hope a probe could be in widespread use in surgeries within five years. It is intended for use on the skin and internally and for testing blood samples taken by the GP. 


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