New ultrasound toothbrush `may revolutionise oral hygiene`

Washington: A US based company has developed a new technology that will change the way we brush our teeth.

More than 75 percent of American adults have some form of gum disease - but the condition is completely preventable.

Peer Blumenschein, CEO of Emmi-Tech, Inc., recently spoke with Fox News Health about a new technology that is changing the way we brush our teeth - the Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush.

“It’s a new device in the United States,” Fox News quoted Peer Blumenschein, CEO of Emmi-Tech, Inc., said.

“And it’s the first toothbrush which runs 100 percent on ultrasound, so the ultrasound cleans. You do not have to brush - so it’s a ‘no brushing’ toothbrush,” he said.

The toothbrush, modelled after the average dental teeth cleaning, uses devices with ultrasonic power to break down tartar. But unlike conventional cleanings, the Emmi-Dent brush utilizes microwaves with significantly less power.

“It’s just enough to kill the bacteria in your mouth - in your gums, on the teeth - so that you don’t destroy the teeth or the enamel and basically don’t harm your oral system,” Blumenschein added.