New vision-correcting display to soon replace specs

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Washington: Scientists are developing vision-correcting display technology, which will help users with visual impairment to see text and images without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.

The UC Berkeley computer and vision scientists are developing computer algorithms to create the technology that could potentially help hundreds of millions of people who currently need corrective lenses to use their smartphones, tablets and computers.

Brian Barsky, UC Berkeley professor of computer science, said that people with higher order aberrations often had irregularities in the shape of the cornea, and this irregular shape made it very difficult to have a contact lens that would fit, which could in some cases be a barrier to holding certain jobs because many workers need to look at a screen as part of their work.

As per Barsky, their technique distorts the image in such a way that, when the intended user looks at the screen, the image appears sharp to that particular viewer, but if someone else were to look at the image, it would look bad.

Lead author Fu-Chung Huang said that the significance of this project was that, instead of relying on optics to correct one's vision, they use computation, which is a very different class of correction, and it is non-intrusive. 


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