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New Year special: 5 tips to stick to your weight loss resolution

Shruti Saxena

It is the time of the year when almost all of us are drudging making New Year resolutions. If you have made a resolution this time to make your 'dream goal' of losing weight a reality, there is a chance that you start off on a motivating note, but, what happens after two or three weeks? Doesn't the motivation wear off and you start looking for 'quick and easy' results?

Don't feel disheartened if you are not able to witness immediate results as losing weight is a tedious task and requires patience. So, push yourself a little more and try pursuing the below given tips to stick to your resolution and win this marathon:

Plan your goal: This is a simple tip and the first step towards your dream goal. Make a plan as to what diet or exercise regime you will follow throughout the year to achieve your goal of a perfectly fit body. Write down everything that you will eat or drink during this period to achieve your goal.

Stick to your plan: It simply means to stick to the diet which you have decided. Try to snack in between and not consume a full meal at once, as it will add to your weight gain worries. Also, don't start grazing on junk when you feel hungry or are running out of time as junk food it might be tempting and finger licking good, but it is certainly not the answer to your weight gain query as it contains large amount of calories, bad fats and ofcourse very little nutrition.

Motivate yourself: Whenever you feel that your motivation is wearing out, remind yourself of all the nice dresses that you will be able to wear once you achieve your goal and everything that pushes you to get through it and attain that dream figure.

Reward yourself: Rewarding is very important as it motivates you further to accomplish your goal completely and not to frizzle out in between. So, be mighty and reward yourself whenever you move a step closer to your goal.

You are human after all: It is absolutely human to have slipped out a little as it is almost impossible to follow a 'perfect plan' for weight loss. So, whenever you miss out, just tell yourself that it is okay and you will again get back on the track.

So, go on, make the most of these tips and achieve that perfect figure that you always wanted. Best of Luck!

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