Nine cases of cholera reported in China

Updated: Oct 13, 2012, 20:09 PM IST

Beijing: Nine cases of cholera have been reported in China`s central Hubei Province, health authorities said today.

Nine people were diagnosed with the infectious disease after attending a wedding banquet at a hotel restaurant in the city of Huangshi on October 3, state-run Xinhua news agency quoted officials as saying.

An investigation showed that a hotel employee who served cold dishes at the banquet was a carrier, spreading the infection to some of the people who ate the dishes.

Local authorities have issued a circular requiring restaurants to stop serving cold dishes and asking hospitals to closely monitor patients with diarrhoea.

Restaurant employees who have high fevers, diarrhoea or infected wounds must cease working and go in for a medical examination, the report said.

The city is carrying out food safety inspections and closely monitoring water supplies and waste, as the disease is usually transmitted through water and food.

Experts from the Ministry of Health joined local health workers yesterday to help control the disease, it said.