No proof of new birdflu spreading from human to human: China

PTI| Last Updated: Feb 05, 2014, 16:39 PM IST
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Beijing: Chinese health authorities today said that no proof has been found of the H7N9 virus spreading from human to human.

Most human cases of H7N9 infection have been isolated so far, the National Health and Family Planning Commission said.

China has so far reported more than 115 human H7N9 cases this year, including over 25 deaths, with Zhejiang and Guangdong being mostly affected.

The latest cases of human H7N9 infection were reported yesterday in China's southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and southeastern Fujian Province.

During the Spring Festival holidays, expert teams dispatched by the commission have been supervising local hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong in diagnosing and treating H7N9 patients, it said.

Health departments and hospitals in provinces with higher incidence of H7N9 are working hard to identify H7N9 cases as early as possible, it said.

The health authorities will strive to prevent cases of severe infection and reduce casualties, said

state-run Xinhua news agency, citing a statement of the Commission.