North Korea claims to have developed cure for liver cancer

Beijing: North Korea has claimed to have developed an "efficacious" injection to cure liver cancer, according to a Chinese media report.

The Injection Gallium-66 Microspheres developed by the DPRK Academy of Medical Science is applicable to liver cancer smaller than five centimeters.

"The highly effective medicine is guided by ultrasonic waves only to cancer tissues", it said.

The researchers succeeded in getting gallium substance with materials available in the country and manufacturing medicament needed for the injection, Chinese media quoted the North Korean news agency KCNA as reporting.

A cycle of its administration is 20 days and the maximum cycles are five, the report said.

It is reported that the clinical application of the injection to some 50 patients since 2002 shows that its efficacy is as high as 90 percent, it said.

Facing sanctions for its persistence to develop nuclear weapons, North Korea banked mostly on its ally China for food and aide.


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