Now, a chocolate spray to curb your cravings!

London: Chocoholics, cheers! Now, a
chocolate spray which can ensure that you enjoy the delicious
treat without putting on weight.

A Professor at Harvard University has invented the
chocolate spray, Le Whiff, which looks like a lipstick, and
is made of substantial mini-chocolate granules -- it could be
used in the same way as a breath freshening spray.

According to Professor David Edwards, dieters may
also find that the mere taste of one of their favourite treats
curbs their appetite.

He was quoted by the `Daily Mail` as saying, "When you
breathe the chocolate into your mouth it dissolves immediately
and coats the tongue and taste buds. Le Whif is a new approach
to eating, by breathing.

"With Le Whif, we inhale food into our mouths and
taste it without chewing, to get an experience of the flavour
without eating a single calorie."

Prof Edwards said the particles are small enough to
become airborne but too big to enter lungs or do any damage.

The brightly-coloured inhalers, which cost 1.99 pounds
each come in three chocolate flavours -- plain, raspberry and
mint. But with each only containing between eight and ten
puffs, the experience doesn`t come cheap.


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