Now, a `contraceptive` pill for men!

London: In what would allow men to share
the responsibility of birth control, scientists claim to have
developed the male alternative to female contraceptive pill.

Until now attempts at a "male pill" have failed and scientists have been working on a contraceptive hormone jab
for men given by doctors. However, recipients in trials have
complained of side effects like depression, loss of libido.

Now, an Israeli team has created the pill by jamming
the biochemical machinery of sperm - in fact the formula works
by removing vital protein in sperm that`s required for a woman
to conceive, the `Daily Express` reported.

And, the scientists behind the breakthrough say the
pills only needs to be taken once every three months and it`s
100 per cent effective at stopping pregnancy and has no side

Lead scientist Haim Breitbart of Bar-Ilan University
was quoted by the British tabloid as saying, "The pill we are
developing gives men the joy of sex without any consequences."

Polls have shown many women would not trust men to be
in charge of contraception if they had to take a daily pill.

But Prof Breitbart added: "I think most women would
trust their man to remember once a month or once a quarter."


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