Now, a simple test to detect autism in minutes!

London: Now, a simple test that can detect autism in just 10 minutes, say scientists.

A team from the Harvard University-affiliated McLean Hospital and University of Utah has devised the revolutionary test which it claims not only takes just 10 minutes but also costs 100 pounds.

According to the scientists, using MRI scans to measure deviations in brain circuits, the test can detect high-functioning autism with 94 per cent accuracy.

The test could be available in hospitals in five years, replacing a series of checks carried out by psychologists and psychiatrists, which rely on subjective opinions only, the `Daily Express` reported.

Early diagnosis would allow many of the one in 100 children who are autistic to be treated before they start school, say the scientists.

Lead scientist Nicholas Lange was quoted as saying, "This is not yet ready for prime-time use in the clinic yet, but the findings are the most promising thus far."

Added Carol Povey, Director of The National Autistic Society`s Centre for Autism: "Diagnosis is only the first step and it is essential support is made available at every stage of a person`s life."