Now, a test to detect autism in 15 minutes!

London: For the first time, scientists
claim to have developed a "pioneering" method of diagnosing
autism in adults in just 15 minutes.

Until now diagnosis of autism has relied on personal
accounts from an affected person`s friends and family.

Now, a team at King`s College London has, in fact,
come up with a quick brain scan which can identify adults with
the debilitating condition with over 90 per cent accuracy, the
`Daily Express` reported.

In fact, according to the scientists, it`s a key
finding which it hopes will lead to the screening for autism
in children in future.

In a study, the scientists at Institute of Psychiatry,
King`s College London, used an MRI scanner to take pictures of
the brain?s grey matter. A separate imaging technique was then
used to reconstruct these scans into 3D images that a computer
algorithm assessed for structure, shape and thickness.

These intricate measurements were able to reveal
Autism Spectrum Disorder at its root. Having developed this
process, the computer was then able to pinpoint biological
markers quickly to assess whether or not a person had ASD,
say the scientists.

However, critics say this long and drawn-out process
is based solely on the reliability of their accounts and then
require a team of experts to interpret the information and
make a diagnosis.


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