Now, biosensors to signal when you are sick

Updated: Mar 17, 2011, 00:00 AM IST

Washington: Scientists are coming up with biosensors which when implanted in your body could even signals when you`re getting sick - almost like the "check engine" light in a car.

One such medical device that`s heading for clinical trials, perhaps later in 2011 is a robotic arm that moves almost like a natural arm.

It works to a control system that monitors brain activity via a biosensor implanted on the surface of a patient`s brain. That project aims to provide better artificial arms for wounded soldiers.

Scientists and medical device regulators are working together to fast track approval of such "biosensors" and devices.

Biosensors monitor changes in the body, often "disease markers" - proteins, genes and other biochemical substances involved in health and disease. And they raise a red flag when things go awry.

The study appeared in the current edition of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN).