Now, breast reduction surgery sans scalpel or scars

London: A revolutionary new form of breast reduction that involves no cutting, minimal downtime and discomfort and, remarkably, no scarring is set to transform the lives of thousands of women.

An Indian-origin doctor, Puneet Gupta of The Private Clinic in Central London, launched the procedure in the UK 10 months ago and has now performed the operation on about 80 patients.

One of the first women to benefit is Claire O’Keefe, 30, a banking administrator from East London. The procedure shrank her F-cup breasts to a D-cup.

“It’s amazing. The operation was worth every penny,” she said.

“I’m now a 34 D-cup. I can exercise, sleep on my front, clothes shopping is a new experience and I’m no longer cynical about male attention. It’s been life-changing.
“I hope more women will feel they no longer need to suffer with huge breasts because they feel the only option is major surgery,” she added.

The procedure is a modification of traditional liposuction, in which a thin metal tube, known as a cannula, is inserted into the fat layer below the skin via a tiny incision.

This has a dual purpose: to break up fat cells and suck them out.

“It’s similar to the technique used to remove so-called moobs in men, where excess tissue means they appear to have breasts. It’s a real alternative to traditional breast-reduction surgery,” the Daily Mail quoted Dr. Gupta as saying.

However, the procedure is not suitable for women who have lost a lot of weight and have loose skin or stretch marks on the breasts, as reducing volume will exacerbate these problems, he said.

Women with a strong family history of breast cancer are also not suitable for this procedure, he added.

The new procedure, Microlipo, is currently available only privately, at a cost of 5,000 pounds.


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