Now, consult doctors at the touch of a button

Updated: Nov 29, 2012, 11:06 AM IST

Bangalore: Virtual Medical Kiosk, which enables patients to consult a wide array of doctors at the touch of a button from wherever they are and whenever they want, was launched here.

The device could be deployed in a variety of places: in a corporate for employees` use, at a retail store, old age homes or even in a gated community, said ehealth Access Pvt Ltd, the company focused on developing a healthcare eco system through advanced telemedicine technology, which launched it.

The Kiosk enables patient-doctor consultation in a secure environment and they can communicate through phone, web cams, video conferencing, messaging or chat.

The kiosk is embedded with a touch screen system, audio-video capabilities, diagnostic equipment, scanner and medical management software capable of recording personal health data to give a real-life experience through a proprietary platform developed by ehealth Access, the company said in a statement.

"It facilitates on-demand real-time consultations with medical professionals at any given time of the day", it said.

“Access to a primary healthcare system in India is perceived a challenge, the Virtual Medical Kiosk devised by ehealth Access aims to change this perception forever,” said Jayadeep Reddy, CEO and Founder, ehealth Access.

Ramprabhu T K, Co-founder and Technology Director, ehealth Access, said "there is limited access to doctors in major portions of semi-urban and rural India. The medical kiosk will act as a bridge to bring the medical practitioner closer to the people in need for medical consultation".

The kiosk also aims at reaching out as a channel to help government towards the implementation of Universal Health Care programme with the help of NGOs in remote places.