Now, diabetics to measure blood sugar from iPhones

Washington: A new research has come up with a new protein that could ultimately allow diabetics to check their blood sugar from their iPhones.

The new "designer protein" leads to less pain and more precise results for diabetes patients who are sick of the constant finger pricking to test blood glucose levels.

Sylvia Daunert, Ph.D, from University of Miami invented the "designer protein" by changing the genetic code that senses glucose in the body.

She further modified it by adding synthetic immuno acids to give protein better sensing capabilities and a longer life.

Daunert asserted that diabetic patients always need to prick themselves several times in order to check the glucose levels but that won't be required much now after her "designer protein" comes into use.

Daunert said that they could not use their bio sensors that they just developed and reported and infact look at their iPhones and could check the levels of glucose in the patients.

The new protein is the newest breakthrough of American Chemical Society's (ACS'). 

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