Now, just freeze the fat to fight the flab

New York: Two forms of non-surgical, fat-reducing technology—freezing it with Zeltiq or laser with Zerona—have won FDA approval.

Neither treatment is designed to reduce large deposits of fat, but are instead shown to be effective on trouble spots, such as love handles and belly fat pooch.

Zeltiq chills fat, causing the cells to self-destruct and become re-absorbed into the body over several months, according to ABC News.

Zerona, a low-energy laser device, creates tiny pores in the cell membranes that cause the fatty contents to seep out and the cells to deflate, Ryan Maloney, chief research officer of the manufacturer Erchonia Corp told the Wall Street Journal.

"This is a big deal. It`s the first time the FDA has cleared a non-invasive fat-reduction technology," the New York Daily News quoted plastic surgeon Lawrence Bass as telling ‘Good Morning America’ on Wednesday.

"They certainly don`t replace diet and exercise, but they`re another option for a subset of patients that just need to take a little bit off," said Bass.

But the methods don’t come cheap—each Zeltiq treatment costs between 1,500 dollars and 3,000 dollars, according to the WSJ.

More than one treatment may be needed to slim the area.

Zerona can cost up to 3,000 pounds for a series of treatments.



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