Now, smart e-cigarette to track your smoking habit

PTI| Updated: Dec 22, 2013, 14:28 PM IST
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Washington: A new smart e-cigarette connects to smartphones to allow smokers to track all kinds of data about their habit.

 Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity as an alternative to smoking as it replaces the actual smoke with vapour.

The new 'Smokio' e-cigarette, developed in France, uses Bluetooth to connect to your device. From there the user downloads the free application and uses it to monitor key data, as well as manage some functions of the electronic cigarette itself.

 For example, a user can alter the amount of vapour given off with each puff. The app also allows the user to monitor the battery of the e-cig, which lasts for seven hours, 'Gizmag' reported.

 The app allows users to monitor data such as where they have used the e-cig, how often they're smoking, and even how many real cigarettes they would have smoked based on the number of puffs taken from the vapouriser.

 With this data, users can see how much they have saved compared to traditional cigarettes and estimate how much their health has improved.

 Users can also measure the positive impact on vitals, such as blood oxygenation and heart rejuvenation.