Now, smart pill bottle to make sure you never miss your dose

Washington: A scientist has developed a smart pill bottle that notifies its users to take their medications or to remind them if they missed taking a dose.

The bottle has been patented at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, (UAH).

The smart bottle has been made by AdhereTech, a startup firm which licensed the technology from UAH, which holds an equity position in the company. The technology was invented by Dr. Emil Jovanov , associate professor in UAH`s Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.

For 12 weeks, the New York trial is scheduled to follow 70 HIV patients with medication compliance difficulties who are being treated at Weill Cornell. Each patient will receive adherence counseling, but only half will also use the smart pill bottles.

The patented technology uses a sensor in the bottle to detect when the bottle has been opened and calculate the number of pills or amount of liquid remaining.

The information is wirelessly transmitted to the cloud, from which a patient can be notified by phone, text or email. Patients can also be reminded by a blinking light and sound from the bottle itself.

Jovanov said that the pill bottle has opened up incredible opportunities.

He said that with the help of the bottle, a physician could know how compliant the person really is and adjust therapy accordingly, or the pharmacy could prepare refills automatically, and the device can prolong independent living for the elderly.