Now, smart pill cap that will make forgetting to take medication history

ANI| Updated: Oct 24, 2013, 22:27 PM IST

Washington: Researchers have developed a smart pill cap that is going to make forgetting forgettable, by helping patients remember to take their medications on time.

Following 3 years in development, iRemember has launched for pre-orders on a newly created platform called Wealth Taxi for an introductory price of 10 dollars per month.

The company aims to secure a minimum of 100,000 dollars in pre-orders to proceed into mass production, with anticipated fulfillment within 12 months.

The smart pill cap can be used as a standalone solution or paired with mobile devices to become a complete adherence monitoring and management system, empowering everyday users and family caregivers.

"With the technologies we have available today, there is simply no reason people should go on suffering from complications as a result of failure to take their medications" Wealth Taxi's founder, Moore Greenberg, who was inspired to develop iRemember after 6 years of working in the emergency room of Henry Mayo Memorial Hospital, said.

Lack of adherence is estimated to cause 125,000 annual deaths and to account for 290 billion dollars in preventable health care costs each year.

The company was determined to make iRemember affordable by offering interest-free monthly payments and resorted to creating their own platform as the need was not addressed by existing crowd-funding websites.

Despite its utilitarian design, the Wealth Taxi website is fully secure and the company welcomes user feedback as they continue to improve upon the user interface.

iRemember is the brainchild of self-funded entrepreneur, Moore Greenberg, who founded Wealth Taxi in 2012 and collaborates with an international team to drive iRemember to market.