Obesity increases breast cancer risk

New research has found that obese women who do not exercise are more likely to get one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancers, suggests a study.

The study has confirmed the risk of one of the most aggressive forms of the disease, known as triple negative breast cancer, in obese women who fail to keep active, reports the Daily Express.

However, researchers from the US Women`s Health Initiative said their study suggests something other than oestrogen causes the risk.

Around 15 out of every 100 breast cancers are triple negative and are associated with low survival rates.

Amanda Phipps and colleagues assessed body mass index (BMI) and exercise among 307 triple-negative patients and 2,610 with oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.

Women with the highest BMI had a 35 per cent increased risk of the triple-negative type and a 39 per cent increased risk of oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancers.


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