Older people can enhance quality of life with just 20 mins walk every day

Washington: A new study has revealed that older people can increase their quality of life with just little mobility, that could include 20 minutes walk per day.

The Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders (LIFE) Study found that capability to walk without help is a key to functioning independently, as reduced mobility is a major risk factor for illness, hospitalization, disability, and death.

After more than two years of trail and follow-up the results showed that the risk of major mobility disability was reduced by 18 percent among people in the physical activity group, meaning that they were more capable of walking without assistance for about a quarter mile.

Thomas Gill, M.D. said that to maintain mobility, it is important to alter lifestyle for older adults as it is both a public health and a clinical priority.

The study is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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