One-third of Chinese adults have high blood pressure

Beijing: More than 330 million Chinese people suffer from high blood pressure, which means one in every three adults is estimated to have hypertension, an official report said on Sunday.

"The prevalence rate for hypertension in Chinese men between the ages of 25 and 34 has surpassed 20 per cent," said Liu Lisheng, President of the World Hypertension League.

He was citing a report released by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention on the matter.

"However, most people have poor awareness of the danger of high blood pressure, with about 130 million people unaware that they have the condition and 75 per cent of patients not receiving proper treatment," state-run Xinhua quoted Lisheng as saying.

He added that people should cultivate good habits to combat high blood pressure, including eating less salt, losing weight and giving up smoking.

Li Yong, a professor at the Shanghai Huashan Hospital pointed out that patients with hypertension often have other illnesses at the same time like diabetes, making the treatment more complicated.