Organic strawberries ‘are more nutritious’

London:Scientists have revealed that organic strawberries are both tastier and better for health.

Naturally produced strawberries also have a longer shelf life and a richer, fruitier flavour, according to the researchers. According to them, they have more antioxidants and vitamin C than their conventional counterparts.

"We show that you can have high quality, healthy produce, without resorting to an arsenal of pesticides,” the Daily Mail quoted Dr John Reganold, who led the study at Washington State University in the U.S., as saying.

The finding came out of a detailed comparison of organic and conventional strawberries from 13 pairs of neighboring farms in Watsonville, Calif., where 40% of the state`s strawberry crop is produced. A team of ecologists, food chemists, soil scientists and other experts analyzed a variety of factors before concluding that the organic berries and the dirt they were raised in were superior.

The organic fruit had `` significantly higher`` levels of antioxidants - nutrients that mop up potentially dangerous and cancer-causing ``free radicals`` in the body.The researchers found that the soil on the organic farms was healthier and contained more bacteria and insect life.

The report has been published in the journal PLoS One.