Pak docs remove heaviest kidney from human body

Islamabad: Three Pakistani doctors, who removed a kidney weighing 1.8 kg from a man`s body, has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records for the feat, they said.

The Book has recognised their feat of removing the largest kidney from a human body, said Abdul Rasheed Shaikh, Altaf Hussain Jokhiyo and Mool Chand of Chandka Medical College Hospital in southern Sindh province.

They had performed the surgery on January 26. The doctors operated on 30-year-old Waziran Mallah and removed her "non-functioning" kidney.

Shaikh showed the media a certificate issued by the Guinness World Records to the three doctors. Shaikh said he sent details of the operation, including the weight and size of the kidney, to the management of Guinness World Records on March 16.

Guinness World Records took eight months to confirm the record before including it in their book, he said.