Palm sized ‘miracle’ twins survive complications

Kolkata: `Miracle` twins, the size of palms born through in vitro fertilisation (IVF), survived medical complications for 70 days before being taken home from hospital.

The 26 weeks premature twins, a boy weighing 900 gm and a girl weighing 500 gm were born on March 2 at the Medica Superspeciality hospital here.

"A premature infant is born with an immediate body with all organs still not developed properly", the hospital`s head of Neonatology and Perinatal Medicine Ashok Mittal said Wednesday.

During their 70-day stay in hospital, he said, they suffered all possible complications of prematurity, including breathing difficulty, a patent duct in the heart, feeding intolerance and blood stream and stomach infections.

"Surprisingly, the girl fared better than the boy and didn`t require any ventilator against the belief that premature babies become dependant on ventilators", Mittal told reporters.
The twins were discharged after the boy attained 1,250 gm and the girl 1,050 gm, he said.

The parents of the twins were present at the press meet to share their experience about the crucial phase in their life.