Plague quarantine lifted from Chinese city

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Beijing: China has lifted a nine-day quarantine imposed on its north-western city of Yumen following the death of a resident from plague last week.

A total of 151 people who had close contact with the infected man were put in quarantine and under medical observation in Yumen city of Gansu province after a 38-year-old man died of plague July 16, Xinhua reported. 

A part of the small city was sealed off amid fear that the infectious disease might spread

None of the 151 who had in contact with the dead man, however, has shown any symptoms of the disease, the provincial government said in its report.

During the quarantine, local authorities carried out disinfection and rat extermination.

Plague is categorised as a Class A infectious disease, the most serious under China's law.

The man was in contact with a dead marmot, a member of the squirrel family.

The experts said plague is currently in a communicable, "active" phase among the local rats.


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