Playing with smartphones hinder toddler`s brain development

Washington: Using smartphones as a learning tool for kids can impede early development in areas that would impact the child for the rest of their lives, experts have claimed.

It has been revealed that about 25 percent of kids 2 years old and younger have their own smartphones.

According to the experts, using this type of technology is same as putting a child in front of a television, where kids don`t learn but are just get distracted.

Since childhood is a time for serious brain development, children could face problems with their basic social, verbal and learning skills.

Psychiatrist Gail Saltz told the publication that this type of smartphone use could actually hurt the child and that "this is really for babysitting purposes or the fear that your child can`t be bored."

Saltz said that these years are the years that one needs to be developing vocabulary, which means speaking and listening, but parents are really minimising that by engaging their toddler in a gadget.