Pomegranate juice `can help combat kidney disease`

London: Pomegranate has long been hailed as a superfruit for its health-giving properties. Now, a study says that its juice could help combat kidney disease.

Researchers in Israel claim to have found evidence that drinking pomegranate juice can stave off complications in kidney patients on dialysis, including slashing the high death
rate from infections and associated heart problems.

According to them, this is because of the fruit`s high levels of antioxidants.

In fact, the researchers have based their findings on an analysis of a group of kidney patients, some of whom received either pomegranate juice or a placebo drink before
dialysis, the `Daily Express` reported.

Those who had pomegranate juice fared better because the antioxidants helped to neutralise harmful compounds in the body, the findings revealed.

Lead researcher Dr Batya Kristal of the Western Galilee Hospital, however, called for further clinical trials "considering the expected epidemic of chronic kidney disease
in the next decade".

Pomegranates are already said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, increase fertility and protect the skin from the sun. One US study had even said they may ward off prostate


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