`Pregnancy` Google users` top diagnostic search for 2013

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Wellington: Users searched for 'pregnancy symptoms' most on Google this year, as revealed by the search giant's annual list for the top-searched symptoms of 2013.

The list indicated some of the most common illnesses as people continued to rely on the web information in lieu of human doctors.

According to stuff.co.nz, pregnancy symptoms topped the list for the second year in a row followed by influenza and diabetes, while HIV symptoms featured on the sixth position.

Google's most-searched symptoms in 2013 include:

1.            Pregnancy Symptoms

2.            Influenza Symptoms

3.            Diabetes Symptoms

4.            Anxiety Symptoms

5.            Thyroid Symptoms

6.            HIV Symptoms

7.            Mononucleosis Symptoms

8.            Lupus Symptoms

9.            Herpes Symptoms

10.          Pneumonia Symptoms

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