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Psychology research can be used to promote peace: Study

Washington: Understanding of psychology has been able to highlight the causes of war and conflict, however, research of the same subject can also be used to promote peace and overturn conflict, a new study has revealed.

Political psychologists at the University of Massachusetts have found that if social psychology research focuses only on how to soften the negative consequences of war and violence, it would fall short of its potential and value for society.

Researcher Linda Tropp said that psychology's contributions can extend beyond understanding the origins and nature of violence to promote nonviolence and peace as the psychological roots of conflict can help in avoiding violence and resolve conflict.

The researchers explained that political leaders can be crucial in showing people different paths and alternatives to violent confrontation just like the former South African leader Nelson Mandela preached, that in order to make peace with the enemy, one needs to work with the enemy.

The researchers further revealed that conflict and violence between groups persist because they often give people ways to address psychological needs, for identity, safety, security and power adding that nonviolence has received far less media and research attention which needs to be changed.

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