Rare cardiovascular surgery saves life of patient

PTI| Updated: Feb 19, 2014, 19:25 PM IST
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Kolkata: Doctors at the Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences have successfully performed a rare cardiovascular surgery of over eleven hours to save a patient suffering from an uncommon disorder.

Kamala Padia was suffering from 'Type-A Aortic dissection' along with a rare disorder of muscular-skeletal system known as 'Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy'.

Type-A Aortic dissection is one of the most fatal medical conditions where the layers of the aorta separate.

This medical condition is relatively rare, occurring in 2 to3 persons per 100,000 people every year globally.

"Aortic dissection is always fatal if not operated immediately and the challenge lies in its early detection and initiation of surgical treatment," Dr Atanu Saha who led a team of doctors in the surgery said.

The surgery involves the bentall procedure in which the damaged aorta is replaced and coronary arteries are re-implanted into the graft. The surgery entails replacement of aortic valve, aortic root and ascending aorta.

The patient who had lost all hope of surviving said, "I was suffering from this condition for quite some time and was slowly losing my ability to walk. When I was diagnosed with this condition, I felt my world had come to an end."