Robotic endoscopy will be in place in 3 years: Expert

Coimbatore: Research on performing flexible robotic endoscopic surgery is in its final stages, a senior consultant surgeon at the National University of Health System in Singapore has said.

Though robotic surgeries on three humans were successful, the technique has to be modified and perfected for use by the medical fraternity without any hassles, Prof. Ho Khek Yu, who performed the first such surgery, told here last night.

Ho, here to attend the five day 52nd Annual conference of Indian Society of Gastroenterology, said a flexible endoscope with small robotic arms is inserted in the patient`s mouth to the stomach. The surgeon monitors the procedures on a computer and controls the arms with joysticks and button, he said.

However, there was the need to modify the robot to perform various other procedures in the digestive tract, Ho said, and claimed that robotic endoscopy would be the future and would be in place in three years.

V G Mohanprasad, chairman VGM Hospital and organising secretary of the conference, said treatment cost is going up in India, particularly in speciality fields, one of the reasons being higher import and excise duty levied by the Government.
Mohanprasad also said, the climate in India was also not conducive for manufacturers to invest huge amount, as imported equipment would be cheaper at present.


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