Rocket-assisted pills to pack a punch to the ailing human gut?

London: Rocket-assisted pills could one
day pack a punch to an ailing human gut, say scientists.

Radio-controlled capsules are already used to
manoeuvre drugs to specific sites in the digestive tract to
test their effectiveness. Various methods can be used to
release the drug once it gets there, but in many cases much of
it remains in the capsule.

Now, a team, led by Deyu Li of Vanderbilt University,
has developed a system in which tiny rocket motors could be
used to fire drugs into the human gut, a report in the `New
Scientist` reported.

According to the scientists, the new forceful drug
release system involves a capsule with a drug-ejecting piston
that is driven by a tiny solid fuel rocket motor.

After in-vitro tests of 18 different designs, the team
has found that 20 milligrammes of fuel successfully released
all 16 milligrammes of a drug, according to the findings
published in the `Sensors and Actuators A: Physical` journal.


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