Roona Begum, the baby with the swollen head undergoes successful reconstructive surgery

By Ritu Singh | Last Updated: Dec 01, 2013, 16:41 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Ritu Singh

Gurgaon: Roona Begum, whose extraordinary case had baffled the entire medical fraternity, underwent another round of reconstructive surgery successfully.

The two-year-old Roona Begum, who is child of a daily wage labourer from Tripura, is suffering from hydrocephalus, a rare disorder that has caused her head to swell to an unprecedented 94 cm. She had already went through a sequence of complex, life-saving surgeries which saw doctors drain fluid from her head and dramatically reduce the size of her skull.

This latest four-hour long surgery was intended to remodel her head, which was disfigured after draining fluid in an earlier life-saving operation and the doctors expect her head to shrink more after this operation. This was a Cranial Vault Remodelling operation and after this operation, it is expected that her head would get a more spherical appearance .

“Today’s surgery was the biggest one so far in terms of remodelling her head. I think it went pretty well,” says neurosurgeon Sandeep Vaishya.

Only after ascertaining the results of these operations will it be possible to determine whether she will have to undergo more such operations in the future. As of now, doctors will keep her in hospital for observation.