Sanofi to test Parkinson`s drug with Michael J. Fox Foundation

Paris: French drugmaker Sanofi said on Thursday it would collaborate with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to test an early- stage experimental treatment for Parkinson`s disease.

Under the terms of the collaboration, MJFF will sponsor a phase I clinical trial to study the safety and tolerability of Sanofi`s AVE8112, a drug that has shown promise in preclinical tests as a therapy for some of the psychiatric symptoms of the disease.
Parkinson`s disease is a brain disorder that leads to shaking and difficulty with walking as well as mood changes and impaired memory.

All data and results generated by the clinical trial will be owned by MJFF and shared with Sanofi. Further development plans will be based on the results of the study, Sanofi said.

Patient enrollment in the study, which will be conducted in the U.S., is expected to begin later this year.

Bureau Report