`Secret of addiction lies in brain`

London: Ever wondered why some people
get addicted to substances? Well, the secret lies in the brain
losing flexibility, says a new study.

Researchers in France have carried out the study and
found that drug addicts who become hooked actually have brains
incapable of returning to normal after regular drug abuse, the
`Daily Express` reported.

And, long-term drug binges change the way people`s
minds work, but they only become addicts if their brain cannot
bounce back to normal when they stop, the study found.

Tests at the Neurocentre Magendie in Bordeaux have
discovered the first known biological mechanisms for the shift
from casual to compulsive drug use and challenge the belief
that addiction is the result of gradual changes to the brain
caused by regular drug use.

Addicts lose the ability to produce a form of brain
plasticity, known as LTD, crucial for developing and holding
new memories and therefore in having flexible behaviour, the
scientists found.

Study author Dr Pier-Vincenzo Piazza was quoted as
saying, "Our results show it is in the brains of non-addicted
users that we`ll probably find the key to a true addiction


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