Shake those hips!

Belly dancing is a great way to burn tummy fat. We tell you how...

With the craze to lose weight and get that `perfect look`, people are trying a lot of techniques — gymming and dieting being the most common ones. People have actually become aware of the importance of exercising and eating right to combat the obesity epidemic. Belly dancing, until recently was performed only by professionals but now is being taken up by fitness enthusiasts who want to spice up their exercise routine.

Belly dancing is a great cardiovascular exercise, and if you practice it vigorously, you can burn between 250 and 300 calories per hour. Combine your belly dancing with a sensible diet, and you`ll see results. Belly dancing predominantly involves circular motions isolated in one part of the body; for example, a circle parallel to the floor isolated in the hips or shoulders. The professional dancers perform feats of flexibility, rolling one`s belly muscles, balancing various props etc. Belly dancing classes are very popular the world over, all thanks to belly dancing icon Shakira who gave this form an immense boost. Today, you can easily sign up for a belly dancing lesson in the city, as many dancing institutes are teaching this fun and sexy dance form.


1 Firstly, one needs to do a little research and find out more about the dance form.

2 More often than not you will need a proper trainer who will encourage you and teach the moves properly.

3 Make a promise to yourself and stick by it. Leaving this half way will mean that you can never stick to one routine.

4 Make your belly happy and do not starve. The first thing that a trainer will tell you is not to deprive your stomach from food at all. The dance form is very vigorous and you need a lot of energy to perform.

5 Start out slow when you begin initially, lest you want to have sore muscles.

6 Keep moving your arms and legs. Make sure that you are picking your feet up off the ground.

7 Practice makes a person perfect. You need to keep practicing even after the class gets over. This will surely help you in the long run.
8 Remember to dance in front of a large mirror. This will enable you to see how flexible you have become as well as your progress in toning your belly.
9 Eating the right nutrients is the key to achieve your target.
Exercising alone will not help.
10 You need to know that there is fat weight and muscle weight. So if people say that you are in shape then you actually need to work on your muscle fat and tone them up.


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