Should you freeze out frozen foods?

China`s manufacturing controls have caused alarm around the world – most recently when frozen foods and dairy products were pulled from shelves in Southern China because of melamine contamination.

Of course, you do not want to find any tainted foods in your kitchen but are frozen foods a sound option for living green and eating optimally?

If you are trying to decrease your oil footprint then you would want to stay clear from purchasing frozen foods (and chewing gum) according to Planet Green, a healthy living website, because the wax layer in frozen food packaging contains petroleum.

But BetterHealth Channel, an online health information site for consumers that is monitored by the Australian government, says "[t]he nutrient value of a food is retained when it is frozen. Any nutrient losses are due to the processing prior to freezing and the cooking once the frozen food is thawed."

Ideally it is best to purchase flash-frozen food products, as the integrity of the food is kept intact.

Bureau Report

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